What is NFleet?

NFleet is an online transportation planning service that can be either used as a stand-alone web application, or as a component in a transportation management system (TMS) or an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.


NFleet lets transportation planners to simplify the often laborious process of planning. NFleet utilizes optimization to produce efficient plans for you. You provide the details of your operation, that is, your orders and vehicles, and NFleet generates a plan.

The modern planning system lets
planners reduce operating costs
in various ways:

  • Serve more orders with your current capacity
  • Scale up your capacity – grow your fleet but not the amount of work hours spent on managing it
  • Calculate price quotes for customers quickly and easily
  • Adapt to rapidly changing conditions
  • Plan continuously, even when the vehicles are on tour

NFleet helps to improve the daily routines of planners and makes the long term strategic planning easier.

NFleet understands rich input data, taking into account time windows, pick-ups and deliveries, incompatibilities, multiple capacities and so on.

Why NFleet is different

Traditionally, optimization solutions have been delivered as components of bigger systems, tailored for big organizations. NFleet takes an alternative approach: with a scalable pricing system, NFleet is especially well suited for SME-sized businesses. There are no upfront costs, the usage is based on a monthly fee that depends on the size (number of vehicles) and usage quantity (driving days per month) of your fleet.

NFleet is not a transportation management system: NFleet focuses on the operational side supporting planning and cost calculations. To see what NFleet can do in detail, and to explore its technological capacities, see technology. We have also added features in the system for tracking the transportations on the map and also for communicating the up-to-date work list on a mobile device.

Where can NFleet be used

NFleet optimization can be used to plan operations both in public road network and on custom-built maps. In addition, NFleet optimization can be used in planning operations within warehouses, plants, and other facilities such as mines and ports.

The full capabilities of NFleet optimization are available in warehouse and facility planning, including complex compatibility, scheduling and loading restrictions, as well as restrictions and requirements on working time and breaks.

Who can use NFleet

NFleet is best suited as a strategic and operational planning for transportation businesses that are looking for a modern way for managing their vehicle fleets and their transportation plans. With NFleet you can get more use out of your vehicles. Increase your operational capacity while keeping things in order!

While the primary segment of NFleet is transportation businesses, NFleet can be integrated as a component in a transportation management system using our API. If you deliver ERP systems to transportation businesses, you may extend your service offering by integrating NFleet optimization into your system.

To learn more about how to directly use NFleet on the web, have a look at the how page.

To learn more about NFleet’s integration into an ERP system, see the developers page.